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The law of sacrifice provides an opportunity for us to prove to the lord that we love him more than any other thing as a result the course sometimes becomes difficult since this is the process of perfection that prepares us for the celestial kingdom to dwell in the presence of god and his christ forever and ever dandc 7662 the law of sacrifice is not as irrevocable as say the law of gravity but as frederick douglass said a man at times gets something for nothing but it will in his hands amount to nothing for proof of this see the cases of folks who win the lottery and then squander it all away this is the beauty of the law of sacrificethe law of sacrifice the leader must give up to go up john c maxwell we all have different reasons why we choose to lead people some do it out of necessity others to make money and those who are like me do it to make a difference and make world a better placethe law of sacrifice says that you have to give up something in order to get something the cool thing about this law is that its not automatically attractive it makes you think the law of focus isnt like that when people hear about the law of focus the first reaction is to say yes yes the law of sacrifice is the 18th episode of season 3 of the supernatural drama television series grimm and the 62nd episode overall which premiered on april 11 2014 on the cable network nbc the episode was written by michael duggan from a story by duggan and michael golamco and was directed by terrence ohara

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