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Helicobacter pylori infection has accompanied man for thousands of years in some infected patients a complex and dynamic pathogen host reaction triggers pathogenic pathways resulting in development inter alia of atrophic gastritis peptic ulcer disease both gastric and duodenal gastric adenocarcinoma and malt lymphomalarge scale eradication therapy is associated with a rapid increase the h pylori diet introduction when i wrote the rst e book edition of the h pylori diet in 2008 i could scarcely have imagined the response it would generate since that time my inbox has been bombarded by emails from folk all over the world who have suffered at the hands of helicobacter pylori and its vast array of symptomseven if a person followed the h pylori diet treatment and saw significant improvement in the ulcer unless other changes were made the bacterium would continue thriving of all chronic bacterial infections experienced by humans helicobacter pylori is the most commonh pylori foods to eat as i talk about in my post about herbal antibiotics plants are pretty amazing things because they cant run away or fight like animals can plants have come up with cool ways to protect themselves one way is by producing chemicalstop 10 foods to avoid in h pylori diet h pylori or helicobacter pylori is an inflammatory causing bacterium affecting the stomachs inner lining ulcers are commonly a result of bacterium the cause of h pylori is often contaminated water or food it is also contracted by human contact

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